LETTER to the Editor… ‘Collateral damage’ author owes an apology

Dear editor,

The letter published in your paper with the title “Collateral Damage” was both offensive and misleading. As to why the DND representative voted in favour of the proposed Beech Street sewage pump station, I have a few ideas. Given that individual’s rigorous training in critical thinking and applied problem solving, they would have looked at the facts and evidence presented, and considered all options carefully. I speak from experience on this as I served as a combat engineer officer in the Canadian army, and trained alongside airfield engineer officers – the trade of the DND representative on the sewage commission. Considering the DND individual in question served our nation in Afghanistan, and applied those critical thinking and problem solving skills while building projects in a theatre of war, I get the impression he has a very good handle on what represents the highest standards. Therefore, it is a logical extension that the DND representative voted for the best option considering all impacts to society and the environment. In this case, that option is unpopular in some circles, and some of our elected officials would rather please complainers than do what is logical, affordable, and in the long term, environmentally sustainable. The implied insults of the letter in question denigrate both the individual, now retired, and the Canadian Forces as a whole. Mrs. Long owes both an apology.

Andrew Gower,