Letter to the editor.

LETTER – Vehicle noise an issue in Comox as well

Dear editor,

In response to the letter from Sabine in Cumberland re: vehicle noise (Unnecessary car noise can be regulated), I empathize with her.

I live in the heart of downtown Comox on Comox Avenue, which has become a speedway for very noisy cars, pick-up trucks and, of course, motorcycles.

These drivers only use two gears when going down our street. They have little or no exhaust noise abatement and do not seem to care that some people like to get some sleep at night.

I get woken up some nights three or more times by these inconsiderate drivers. There are no police patrols to stop this; as a matter of fact, there is no police activity at all.

These drivers have a free hand to make as much noise as they wish. Comox Town Council has done nothing about this problem. More speed limit signs will not solve a thing. So forget that. This activity goes on all over Comox day and night. Council, get off your butts and get something done about this ongoing problem. Earn some of your salary.

Carl Munn,


Letter to the Editor