Letters to the editor.

LETTER – We can all do our part to help keep our streams and waterways healthy

Dear editor,

With springtime and spring cleaning just around the corner, please be aware that all city storm drains in Courtenay and Comox tie into the stormwater system and then, flow directly into the many streams and waterways that wind their way through our neighbourhoods.

This means that anything we use to clean our vehicles, clean our roofs, clean/pressure wash our equipment or driveways, toss onto our roadways, etc., will likely end up flowing into the storm drains, into the storm sewer system, and then into these streams, resulting in contamination and degradation of the health of the streams, and everything that lives in them.

Roof drains are tied into the storm sewer system, so chemicals and detergents used to kill moss on roofs also end up flowing into our streams. Please disconnect downspouts before cleaning your roof.

Salmon fry will soon be emerging from the gravel in many of these streams, and are extremely vulnerable to contaminants, so please be mindful of what we use to clean, and properly dispose of all cleaning products.

Even biodegradable soaps can remove the protective layer of slime from these tiny salmon, greatly reducing their chance of survival.

Bottom line is, any chemical that is used needs to be kept out of our stormwater system, as most cleaning chemicals have a high degree of toxicity to aquatic life.

We can all do our part to keep our streams healthy!

Michele Roy and Leon Fisher,


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