Letters to the editor.

LETTER – We have the freedom to choose, but there are always consequences to the choices made

Dear editor,

Freedom of choice: As Canadians, we all have this luxury. Many people around the world do not.

We have the right to choose what we do, where we go and what is right for our bodies. That is the freedom granted to us by our constitution. That said, with freedom of choice comes consequence. If we choose to drink and drive, we will be arrested, charged, and, God forbid if we kill someone, incarcerated for years.

If we choose to live by the laws of the land we live in, we never need live in fear but for those who don’t.

That said, the ‘Freedom Trucker Movement’ is not a “freedom” movement. These people are free to not get a vaccine. It is their right to choose. The consequence of that is, because they are regulated by the federal government, they are impaired in their ability to do their jobs. Further, the United States will not even allow them into the country without negative testing. And they cannot come back without another negative test. A full 90 per cent of cross-border truckers are fully vaccinated.

All federally-regulated agencies, (airlines, ferries, rail and trucking, etc.) are required to be fully vaccinated. My cousin quit her job with a major airline because she disagreed with this requirement. You have that choice, too.

The other choice is what a private business decides to do to set its policy. If a business decides you must wear a mask to enter their store, then you must wear a mask. “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” has been a long-standing practice for decades. A store owner has the right to add “Mo Mask, No Service” to that standard. It is private property. If you are unwilling to meet the requirements a business on private property has asked you for, then they have every right to refuse you service and ask you to leave. By the way, after they ask this of you and you fail to comply, you are subject to criminal trespassing and the aforementioned penalties may apply to you. It’s still your freedom of choice.

I absolutely hate wearing a mask. I am double-vax with my first booster. Why? I love my job, yet they require I wear a mask and I also love my community. I have elderly neighbours that I like to converse with and I would hate myself if they got ill due to my selfishness. I also love being able to go to my favourite restaurants where a vaccine card is required. In the province of B.C., Dr. Bonny Henry, an established epidemiologist, has established the rules, not the provincial government and for that, I applaud the government. They have listened carefully to their advisors to ensure the proper plan for the safety of our citizens. The same applies to the federal government (by the way, Justin Trudeau is the messenger, Theresa Tam is the Health Officer).

So, “Freedom Rally” participants, you do have freedom. You also have choices. With freedom comes great responsibility to protect and save harm from your friends and neighbours. It also comes with consequences. By your action or inaction, you get to choose your consequence.

In the words of the esteemed Dr. Bonny Henry: “Be kind, be calm, be safe.”

A.D. O’Leary,

Comox Valley

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