LETTER: Who are the ‘Concerned Comox Valley Citizens?’

Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

Re: Municipal political parties.

I’ve seen an anonymous ad from this group, Concerned Comox Valley Citizens, in our paper a couple of times now. I’m pretty disturbed that this is anonymous, with only an email address. If a group wants to influence politics, they should identify who they are and what they stand for.

As for the idea that special interest groups aren’t involved in municipal elections, that is laughable. The Comox Valley Taxpayers Alliance spent a lot of money to affect the 2018 municipal elections. Property developers and business owners are special interest groups who seek to impact municipal elections. People who care about our children or our elders seek to influence municipal elections.

Fear-mongering is, sadly, a time-honoured tradition in politics. But if you’re going to try and instil fear and division in our community, at least have the courage to say who you are.

Megan Ardyche,


Letter to the Editor