Long live the Comox Valley Art Gallery mandate

Dear editor,

After reading last week's tirade from Brian Scott, I was happy to read this week's rebuttal.

Dear editor,

After reading last week’s tirade from Brian Scott, I was happy to read this week’s rebuttal, and in reality, the “fact sheet” from CVAG president Roger J. Albert.

It seemed strange to me that such a locally well-known, supported, shown and respected artist would chime off about local injustices shown to local artists by their lack (and his?) of representation in the CVAG.

Mr. Albert’s response was absolutely resolute in answering any questions Mr. Scott may have. Furthermore, it showed fact that they have represented the artist himself, and other locals year in and year out.

Is there any local artist better known and supported than Brian Scott? I see his art everywhere, publicly and privately, and am happy for it.

I had to read Mr. Scott’s letter twice — it sounded like he was complaining! Try being a local musician!

Thanks for clearing this up, Mr. Albert. Long live the mandate of the CVAG.

Sean Sullivan,

Comox Valley