Maple Pool Campsite owners missed ‘epic’ election opportunity

Dear editor.

This occurred to me today and I thought it would have been a hoot!

Seeing the flurry of local election signs all over the Valley made me consider the rather epic monumental “missed opportunity” that has occurred in the City of Courtenay.

Mr. and/or Mrs. Lin from the Maple Pool Campsite should have put their name forward for Courtenay city council. With the overwhelming support and sympathy in the community they have, they most certainly would have won.  They could attend and vote in council meetings!

That would have been priceless for them to be able to sit in on the “in-camera” sessions and have a face-to-face conversation with those hell-bent on them being shut down.

They say you can’t fight City Hall……but you can rock the boat in a democratic way!

Steve Hawkins