Mining not worth the risk

Copper mine poisoned the Tsolum River some 50 years ago

READER BRIAN LUNN submitted this historic photo.

READER BRIAN LUNN submitted this historic photo.










Dear editor,

“Comox Kids Catch Typical Tyee!”

For those of you with no memory (under 60) and those of you with short memories (over 60), this would have been a headline in the Comox Valley Free Press or the Argus in in the summer of 1955 for this photograph.  Why does it seem so fantastic now?

Answer: A fly-by-night copper mine was allowed to poison the Tsolum River and as a result destroyed fishing in Comox Bay.

It’s as simple as that!  Risks associated with any mining is all about damage to the water!

If you think 17 years of coal mining is a good deal; think about your ongoing water supply; it just isn’t worth risking.

Give your collective heads a good shake.

I grew up and retired to this beautiful area.

Brian Lunn


Comox Valley