P3 poor prescription for patients

Dear editor,

Our new hospital is to be run as a business designed to make a profit for investors.

Dear editor,

P3 = Poor Patient Prognosis.

Our new hospital is to be run as a business designed to make a profit for investors.

This means that cost savings and minimal service will rule because the idea is not to provide good health care but to generate money for owners.

There will be no competition for this business so we cannot show our displeasure by going elsewhere. My advice to all citizens in the Valley is to invest money in this business so that you can use the profits to seek healthcare privately or out of the province.

I was at the recent Strathcona regional hospital board meeting. Some of the directors appeared to be genuinely surprised at what they are paying for with our money.

They are not allowed to see the business plan they are being asked to pay for. They are being asked to rubber-stamp what is being dictated by VIHA and “higher ups.”

While some of our reps asked probing questions, others appeared content to be passively led.

Their lack of engagement was exemplified by Starr Winchester. The audience sitting behind her could see that her commitment was to surf the Net and read her e-mails during the meeting.

We need to be concerned. This pubic private partnership plan is not to our advantage and it is being forced upon us. We will end up with inferior health care based on the lowest possible standards.

Either invest in the business or let your elected officials know that you don’t want P3 because it stands for poor patient prognosis.

Ann Zanbilowicz,

Comox Valley