Public schools do poor job of student lunches

Dear editor,

Congratulation to Don McRae on his new job.

Dear editor,

Congratulation to Don McRae on his new job.

My wife and I have been watching him grow in the past eight years, very remarkable.

We always have voted for him. We’ve also met a few times — I own Valley Kitchens Ltd. and I work with many local builders. We had worked on some projects Don was involved in as well.

Now since you are the Minister of Education I believe you are the right person to talk to.

What is really bad and kinda ridiculous how badly the school system helps with kids’ lunches. How come no one has pointed it out yet?

We send money to many charities, helping different countries, however our kids getting raised on a very poor diet during their time at school.

I’d like to meet with MLA McRae when he is in the Comox Valley to talk about all possibilities what we can and what we will do.

I was born and raise in Czech Republic. Every single school, new or old, small or big has a kitchen where lunches are prepared.

Of course, parents pay for it and they are very happy to do so. We also lived in the Bahamas, same thing — then in New York City — some schools provided lunch only hot dogs and pizza. Still at least some choice.

Something needs to be done !

Martin Havrda,