Renter tired of ‘Not here’ letters, opinions

Renter tired of ‘Not here’ letters, opinions

As a renter in the Comox Valley who has spent the last three years being bumped from rental to rental and with prices going through the roof I have to say how incredibly disappointing it is to read another waive of “Not here” letters and opinions from the residents of Walbran Drive and Murrelet Place in Comox.

While these people come home to properties that have skyrocketed in value over the past few years, renters in the Valley are just trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. The retirees in Murrelet Place are stomping their feet in a childish attempt to stop 200 rental units from being built because it will affect their value? What about my value as a human being and the value of my children being able to walk to school? Or the value of being able to walk my groceries back from Quality Foods or have a daycare to take them to so I can work and pay my bills?

There is no more selfish and arrogant attitude being displayed in our community right now, and to be honest it’s pretty shameful that a small group of privileged retirees are making life so difficult for those of us that didn’t have the good fortune of being part of the baby boom generation.

The Town of Comox council and mayor should be applauded for finally taking this housing issue seriously and standing up for all members of this community, not just the owners of these expensive homes.

I would love for the owners of Murrelet Place and Walbran Drive to spend one month living on the margins like a lot of renters here in town. How quickly your attitude might change if you did.

Angela Bennett

Comox renter