Scream on, common sensers

Dear editor,

Judging by the shrill responses of “Common Sense” supporters, it looks like certain letters to the editor struck a nerve.

Dear editor,

Judging by the shrill responses of “Common Sense” (CS) group supporters, it looks like Wayne Bradley’s et al letters to the editor have definitely struck a nerve.

I suppose a forceful offence is the best defence: Anyone who might disagree with the big-money boys and girls of the CV will be vigourously shouted down.

How dare those dastardly “left wingers” expose those who dominate the current political landscape? How dare they question, put forth new ideas and have dissenting opinions?

Don’t those lefties know that it’s not enough to have a Conservative MP and a Liberal MLA working to slavishly serve the interests of a privileged business community but that all of the political power on municipal councils must also be appropriated by those who “own” the Valley?

Then again, once we look at the lengthy track record of these extremist big-money interests, we can see a trail of low-wage jobs, stagnating/decreasing incomes, lengthening lines at food banks and environmental degradation.

On an international level, these same interests brought on a financial crisis and a worldwide economic morass.

The local CS group is just a small-town, small-time variant of an elite business ruling class that feels entitled to substantially increase its wealth (and political power) by passing on the costs to a shrinking middle class and by sacrificing the poor on the altar of unfettered capitalism.

So scream on, Common Sensers! It’s the best way to distract the populace from your appalling record.

B. Evans,