Shellfish festival leaves former fan bitter

Dear Editor,

Last year we enjoyed very much the activities associated with the Shellfish Festival which was held in the open area of the Comox Marina.

There were crowds of people enjoying the music and other entertainers, the food carts and the boat rides.  The oyster shucking and the chowder  were just the best ever!

This year for some strange reason the Comox Valley development group has in their wisdom moved the event to the Filberg Lodge and we have seen ads in the paper searching for ‘volunteers’ to sell tickets at the gate and to make sure that only rich people who can afford the $15 per head can get in. What a joke and a disaster this will prove to be.

I bet that there will be many calls afterwards to have future events like this held in the open area where public access is unrestricted.

I know that we personally will NOT attend the festival this year.  While we support the Filberg Lodge this is not the way to stage an event that is intended to be for the people of the Valley as well as the visitors who come here.



David Netterville

Area C