Smart meters ‘worthless boondoggle’

Dear editor,

As many may already be aware the Corix (not so smart meter) installers have arrived back in the Comox Valley.

Dear editor,

As many may already be aware the Corix (not so smart meter) installers have arrived back in the Comox Valley.

As a matter of fact we were visited by one of their representatives this past weekend. Needless to say we declined their offer.

The first thing to keep in mind is that these installers are paid to install meters, so basically they have very little incentive to tell you the truth, and in fact in some cases they lie just to get you to accept this worthless boondoggle of a device.

In one case that I recently discovered they lied to the homeowner telling them that they were going to discontinue with the manual meter readings in four days, interesting since to my knowledge there are no routers installed to collect the signals and I saw a meter reader in Comox last week.

What do I mean by worthless?

Well the maximum life span of these not so smart meters and routers is 12 years, between the rechargeable lithium polymer battery and the electrolytic capacitors they have a shelf life. Given the usual corner-cutting by using Chinese parts, cheap circuit designs, and environmental exposure, they may not last even that long.

So they are replacing rugged industrial-grade analog meters that can last for decades with basically consumer grade junk electronics made for bottom dollar that has to be replaced at least every 12 years.

Does this read like a sound investment in infrastructure to you?

In any event no matter what your reasons if you do not want a not so smart meter installed, stand your ground. It is your home and your property, and a least for the time being we still live in a democracy and still have rights.

In spite of what they say, yes, there is an opt out; government house leader Gordon Hogg stated as much.

If you had a meter installed against your express wishes, or you were bullied or lied to to get one installed, and are having second thoughts, the Citizens For Safe Technology website is collecting such information to prepare for a class action lawsuit.

There are also documents that you can submit to Hydro, members of cabinet, and your MLA demanding a no-fee opt out. Another site of interest on this subject is

Remember that BC Hydro is owned by the government and its policies are set by government, which means the current B.C. Liberal party, and there is an election coming up in May.

Don’t just vote — talk to the candidates and make your voice heard.

A. Foster,