Still waiting for response from Comox Valley Common Sense

Dear editor,

This is regarding the Comox Valley Common Sense organization's mass mailout last month.

Dear editor,

This is regarding the Comox Valley Common Sense organization’s mass mailout last month.

We made a telephone call to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in Victoria and were told that we needed to give Common Sense a 30-day notice to provide us with a satisfactory explanation as to the improper and possibly illegal use of a name that was provided to a business and then was used in the mass mailing.

The name was used without authority and contrary to Privacy Policy Guarantee.

Almost all of our assets are as joint holders; therefore this affects both of us. The wording used in the mailing included a security identifier; the security now may be lost.

We have no way of knowing how far and wide and to whom these mailing lists have been circulated, or will be in the future, and for what or whose purpose(s).

Please contact us, Common Sense, as we cannot contact you via your website, you have no known address nor do you have a listed telephone number.

A Mr. Davis is supposedly your spokesperson. Mr. Davis, please contact us — we are in the phone book.

We need a satisfactory response from you or someone in your organization.

Leona and Neil Black,