Survey? What survey?

Dear editor,

We finally heard from the regional district on how the rural garbage vote will work.

Dear editor,

We finally heard from the regional district on how the rural garbage vote will work.

They also said they conducted a survey of rural residents and 95 per cent said it was a good idea. Who did they ask? Not me; not anybody I know.

They have said that it will cost about $150 per year approximately. How much is that actually? It was mentioned in a previous letter that after the initial three years the rates could be tied to property values.

The silence by the regional board on that question is deafening. But here are a few facts:

A) You will be forced into this if the referendum passes, no opting out.

B) If you go away during the winter months you will still pay, just like we will with our water bills. And just a note on these people who go south; most are already gone, so their democratic right to vote on this has been taken away. After all, timing is everything, isn’t it?

C) You will not have the choice of paying less for fewer pickups, etc. There will be no incentive anymore to compost because you will pay anyway. Remember that it only takes one vote over 50 per cent of the people who actually vote for this to pass; not 51 per cent of the people affected.

If the rural directors were to be fair about this they would put off this vote until late spring, when everyone would be here.

Think about what they did to us with water meters. If you think these directors can be trusted, phone me. I have several large bridges for sale, cheap.

R. McCulloch,

Area B


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