Three referenda suggested for Comox

Dear editor,
Municipal elections are coming up this fall.
Issues I’d like on our Comox ballot are three referenda.

Dear editor,Municipal elections are coming up this fall.Issues I’d like on our Comox ballot are three referenda.First one could be, “Do we want water meters in Comox?”Second question could be,  “Do we allow small backyard campfires in enclosed fire pits on allowable days with a permit?”Third one could be “Do we have too many deer in Comox? Is it time for a cull or use of birth control pills?”I believe the people Comox have been fed a bunch of baloneyby our council. Maybe now is the time to try and restore somesanity to the process. In many’s opinion, water meters are notneeded. It’s a blatant bureaucratic waste of money that we have to pay for.Council also sidestepped the backyard enclosed firepit issue by getting the fire chief to ban it on their direction so they wouldn’t have to take the heat.No informed debate there, just an edict from the top. The people ofCampbell River can still enjoy a backyard evening around a small fire — why not here? People need and want inexpensive entertainment close to home.Why not safely enjoy our properties? Have we even done a count on the number of deer in our community?Just a few questions that might be in order. Put them on the ballot. Let’s see how we really feel.W.C. Dieno,Comox