Time to restore Legion to place of honour in Comox parade

Dear editor,

It’s time for a little history lesson for the good citizens of the Town of Comox.

Dear editor,

It’s time for a little history lesson for the good citizens of the Town of Comox.

At the onset the Town in conjunction with the Legion started to celebrate Comox Day on an August weekend. Various activities took place throughout the town, starting with a parade and included dances at the Legion as well as the Lorne and the Elk hotels.

As well there were activities at Anderton Park throughout the day.

Because of its involvement and standing in the community the Legion was given the honour of leading the parade. They had the flags and, as most were world war veterans, were entitled to that position.

For a number of years to follow they were enhanced by a pipe band, which was supported by the Legion. As time went by it became easier for the members to stay in step by marching behind the band.

This was the protocol for a number of years and worked quite well. Some time there after the Monday became the holiday and these protocols continued, even when it was changed to Nautical Days.

For some apparent reason it was then decided by organizers that the fire department should lead, as they may have had to respond to an emergency.

This seemed like a valid premise, but as much as I hold the great members of our fire department in high regard, this may not be necessary.

Procedure could be put in place that the band and Legion colour party could quickly step aside, should it become necessary. They have not responded to an emergency since this procedure was instituted.

As things have evolved what, with firefighters carrying flags, they have now become the prominent leaders of the parade. I feel that this is, although well-intended, inherently wrong.

This year the parade marshall took an even more drastic move and put local politicians in front of the Legion as well as moved the pipe band way back in the parade. The pipe band is by definition part of the colour party and should be in close proximity to enhance the flag bearers’ ability to march in step.

I think that it is time that we return to the spirit of the parade and have the Legion colour party return to the front of the parade.

I express my opinion as an individual member of our community and as one who held the position of Sergeant of Arms with the Legion for 11 years.

D.W. (Don) Davis,