Town could enact a Garry oak tree protection bylaw

Dear editor,

Re: Town Investigating destruction of Garry oaks (March 24 Record).

It is truly sad to see the destruction of these 15 or more beautiful Garry oaks; they were one of the last remnants of Garry oak meadows that remain on the Comox Estuary.

I am heartened to see the Town of Comox requiring the homeowner to redress the situation. In addition to requiring a re-planting of Garry oaks on the site, the Town of Comox can do more to protect this endangered species. They can enact a Garry oak tree protection bylaw, they can educate people about the importance of this tree, and they can encourage planting of Garry oaks within the town limits by offering homeowners free Garry oak saplings.

Many volunteer groups like the Rotary Club, Project Watershed, and Comox Valley Nature are already actively involved in Garry oak restoration. It’s time for the Town of Comox to join them, so together we can retain, restore and replant this beautiful tree and its attendant ecosystem all around the Comox Valley!

Catherine Hannon