Tyranny of using taxpayers’ money to persecute evident in Courtenay

Dear editor,

It was interesting to read Coun. Leonard’s recent letter to the editor.

Dear editor,

It was interesting to read Coun. Leonard’s recent letter to the editor.

Apparently it has taken over three years for Coun. Leonard to realize that City council’s attack on the Lins and the vulnerable Maple Pool residents was a misguided and heartless action approved by the very council that she sits on.

She stated that Coun. Hillian’s resolution that was brought forward at Monday’s council meeting “will show that the city has no intention of leaving those living at Maple Pool with no safe home.”

So let’s get this straight; after three years of legal action and over $120,000 in legal fees has been spent on behalf of city taxpayers, not to mention the enormous legal bills the Lins have been faced with and the sleepless nights the Maple Pool residents have endured, wondering whether they would even have shelter in their future, now Coun. Leonard decides that the “time has come to clear the air!”

Apparently her position now is that even if the City is successful in winning its court battle with the Lins, the City will not take action to evict the Maple Pool residents.

You know, “Trust me!”

Now council and the City are pressing ahead in court at our expense and at the same time have decided to tell us that the court ruling will be irrelevant! So why are they proceeding with further action at all, and at what cost to the taxpayers and the Lins?

Coun. Leonard says that Coun. Hillian’s resolution includes protection for the people at Maple Pool.

Perhaps while she is “clearing the air” she can assure us that she never voted in favour of pursuing this action in the first place and that, as chair of the Housing and Homeless Committee, she vigorously fought those on council who pushed through this ill-thought-out and expensive legal action against the Lins and the people they care for.

The tyranny of using taxpayers’ money to persecute those who will not fall into line seems to be evident here. Was the legal action by City Hall just a cruel joke or was it all about making citizens be obedient?

Apparently only Coun. Leonard and the others who so recklessly spend our hard-earned tax dollars know for sure and they’re not talking! That darn “in camera” argument pops up again.

Oh well, it’s only taxpayers’ money! The Nov. 15 municipal election can’t come soon enough to allow us our “day in court!

George Finlay,