WEB EXTRA: Chester has lost this Comox resident’s vote

Dear editor,

The Comox Valley Common Sense website recommends Terry Chester.

Dear editor,

While visiting the Comox Valley Common Sense website recently, I noted that their recommended list of “common sense” candidates includes Terry Chester for Comox council.

One of the “common sense” ideas Mr. Chester has put forth in the local news is to run a road through the middle of the Comox golf course to “alleviate traffic congestion?”

The proposal was ill-received and subsequently ridiculed in a number of responses to this newspaper by those Mr. Chester labelled as NIMBYs (an interesting remark from a self-described team player with a balanced approach to problem-solving).

I guess we NIMBYs will be getting a dose of “common sense” when we tee off over the paving trucks next spring.

R. Anderson,