WEB EXTRA: Common Sense missed best candidate in Comox

Dear editor,

Comox Valley Common Sense did not endorse the best candidate, in my opinion, Hugh MacKinnon, and this puzzled me.

Dear editor,

Comox Valley Common Sense posed some issues and questions that Comox council needs to consider but they did not endorse the best candidate, in my opinion, Hugh MacKinnon, and this puzzled me.

MacKinnon is a fiscal conservative who in his brief tenure (since January) on council has done many things.

He canvassed Comox residents that live close to the hospital to see if they were happy with parking restrictions imposed by the Town.  MacKinnon sought compromise in the Point Holmes OCP debate in supporting a drop from .8 to .5 hectares, allowing the potential for some development but maintaining environmental checks.

He saved Comox taxpayers money by being one of two councillors who did not fly to Halifax to attend the national municipalities’ week-long convention, wondering why all councillors had to go.

He initiated Comox youth recognition awards and supported zero-based budgeting. He is known to be tight with a budget, looking at accomplishing goals with a tight financial fist.

He is a centrist who is willing to examine many of the issues you suggest are key ones and give a fair hearing to each issue.

MacKinnon has integrity, is a doer but does not seek the glory.  As a councillor, I have noticed he is lousy at attending photo opportunities, unlike some other councillors, preferring to get things done behind the scenes.

Yet, according to records, he was the one councillor who did not miss a Wednesday council meeting since being elected in January.

Which leads me to my point. If the intent of C.V. Common Sense is to promote candidates who do not ask questions, consider new information, but, who are like minded  and pre-decided on every issue it has identified as being important, its endorsements make sense.

To me having a councillor with integrity who examines both sides of every issue and is not afraid to ask questions and weigh information from all sides before coming to a council decision  is the candidate I want to vote for. That candidate has the best interests of our town at heart.

Integrity, willing to consider, fiscal responsibility. That candidate is Hugh MacKinnon. That is common sense!

Grant Ashlee,