WEB EXTRA: Economy in terminal collapse, ‘dictatorial party system’ dead

Dear editor:

Tom Fletcher's April 30 column in the Record was entitled “NDP economic plan is borrow and spend” but is there any other kind?

Dear editor:

Tom Fletcher’s April 30 column in the Record was entitled “NDP economic plan is borrow and spend”, but I ask: is there any other kind?

Certain facts about the mechanics of the debt based economy we live with have been hidden for some time, but there is no excuse for anyone, especially Tom, to pretend not to know that all modern money is a falsified debt, and as such, there is no other way but to “borrow and spend”.

If there is some other way, please let me know, because I would love to know where I can get some money that was not at it’s origin, created as a loan through a bank through their conversion and exploitation of their clients’ promissory obligations, or worse, as compounding interest surfeited upon that debt.

This whole point seems to escape Tom and many others despite the fact it is the primary and sole source of inflation in our economy. What none of our leaders at any level are acknowledging is that our economy, in lock step with the world economy, is in terminal collapse.

Let me say that again: the economy is in terminal collapse. Why? It is simple.

Any economy subject to interest will always terminate itself under it’s own weight of insoluble debt through the inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to the circulation, by interest. The gravity of our collective economic situation was first pointed out to the Reagan administration in the 80’s to which they responded: “How much time do we have”?

Unfortunately, it has been my experience that such a revealing response is typical of politicians of all nationalities, stripes and levels, and was similar to the coy response I received from Don McRae years ago when I brought this to his attention.

To him, Tom, and others, I would say the time to rip on the NDP for a “70’s-style family allowance” is over. The time to banter on about spending millions hiring teachers is gone. The time for distracting discussion of “net zero wage settlements”, “indexing for inflation”, “debt” (as a four letter word), and “deficits” is past.

I would even venture to say, as was pointed out in the editorial of the Record on April 25, that the dictatorial party system is dead and only electing independent candidates can save us.

I keep checking the obituaries hoping to read of the natural death of all four leading parties. The reality though is that I expect that such a thing will never happen, and that such a desire must be helped.

As such, I will employ a quadruple-barrelled shotgun at the polls this election as I do my part to assassinate the parties by voting for all four candidates at once.

Such an action, if carried out by even a portion of the electors, would pack a punch that could not be ignored by anyone because in lieu of an independent candidate, the spoiled ballot is the dark horse that is the peoples ticket out of this mess.

If the people — and, yes, that means you the reader — do not soon put the screws to your leaders be they red, blue, green or orange by asking the questions that are overdue being asked, and then stand on your own two feet by abandoning the nanny state through your abandonment of its nanny party system, then the time will come when the system itself will put its screws to you.

And if you’re only remotely paying attention or not so well off as to be temporarily immune and insensitive to the situation of those around you, you will notice it has already begun.

Jason Draper,

Comox Valley

Editor’s note: Jason Draper is chairman of the Independent Party of  Canada.


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