108 kata for Community Justice Society

Toshikan Martial Arts students will donate at least $108 after three-hour session




On the evening of Thursday, May 15, the karate students of Toshikan Martial Arts located in the Tin Town area of Courtenay will perform 108 kata and a donation will be made to the Comox Valley Community Justice Society.

Kata are a series of karate techniques combined into a moving pattern that simulates self-defence and allows practitioners to practise karate both physically and mentally. 108 is a special number in the practice of traditional goju-ryu karate, as it is in yoga and in Buddhism. In Japanese, the word for 108 is suparinpei.

Toshikan’s sensei, Mac Newton, will lead the beginner children’s class in 36 kata, then the advanced children’s class in 36 kata, and then the adult class in 36 kata. The 108 kata will start at 4 p.m. and take about three hours to complete. At least $108 will be donated to CV Community Justice.

“The guiding principles of Community Justice are complementary with those of traditional karate,” said Newton.

Toshikan Martial Arts