Comox Cup series gets underway on Tsolum River circuit

Pro City Race Team from Victoria make A group a very fast race

JUNIOR RIDERS LINE up for the start of their race.

JUNIOR RIDERS LINE up for the start of their race.




The first cycling race in the Comox Valley for 2012 and the third of the new Vancouver Island Cycling six-race series was held Sunday, May 6. The first two events were held in Victoria, the Comox Valley holds one more May 26 and Nanaimo is hosting the first of their two events May 13.

Pro City Race Team from Victoria brought a full team to Comox Cup #1 on the Tsolum River road race circuit, making the A group a very fast race.

The first 30 kms were completed in less than 47 minutes, an average of close to 40km/h. This split the group of 18 up a bit and the race settled into a slightly more comfortable pace for the next few laps. The final lap saw six riders in the lead pack, including John van der Vliet and Jordan Duncan from the Comox Valley Cycle Club (CVCC). Jordan fell off before the sprint finish and John was not able to match the young guns from Victoria, finishing fifth. The next pack included two more local riders, Jeff Mattel and Kent Duncan, finishing eighth and ninth, respectively.

In an exciting B race, local 15-year-old Gillian Ellsay held her own with the men for three of the six laps before being dropped along with Steve Grant. The two finished together well back of the close pack sprint won by Campbell River rider Trevor Perkins. Locals Sig Isaak and junior Hugh Park finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

In the C event 10 junior riders all under 15 years of age contested the four-lap, 40 km race with two masters riders and local paracyclist Simon Harrington.  In the end it was four young locals contesting the last climb and sprint to the finish.

James Grant pulled away cleanly for the win with Damian Parlee coming second, Eli Simcoe third and Mark Grant fourth.    Four of the riders were contesting their first-ever bike race, including Damian and Eli, along with Ben and Jane Harmsworth who finished in one hour 30 minutes. “Pretty good for a first-time effort,” a CVCC spokesperson noted. In fifth was Kia van der Vliet, who followed by Ernie Klassen and junior Jessica Reynolds, closely followed by Simon Harrington.

“The Comox Valley Cycle Club is very grateful to Brian McLean GM and Mike Fisher Realty for their sponsorship of the junior program and John van der Vliet for putting together bikes for the new riders,” the club spokesperson said.

In total there were 38 racers present in the three categories and 15 were juniors. The club is always looking for more new riders and information on club events can be found on the CVCC Blog Page. “The club also thanks Quality Foods for providing post-race refreshment and Black’s Cycles for the draw prizes.”

Complete results follow:

Category A

1 Josh Erickson, 2 Jeffrey Doyle, 3 Peter Stevenson, 4 Dan Larche, 5 John Van der Vleit, 6 Jordan Duncan, 7 Tom Malczynski, 8 Jeff Matell, 9 Kent Duncan, 10 Erik Madsen, 11 Alex Hui, 12 Derek Tripp DNF, 13 Ryan Clark DNF, 14 Travis Chater DNF, 15 Andrew Grant DNF, 16 Mike Sevcov DNF, 17 Nigel Hutcheson DNF.

Category B

1 Trevor Perkins, 2 Iain Hay, 3 Paul Thompson, 4 Sig Isaac, 5 Hugh Park, 5 Katie Cross, 7 Steve Grant, 8 Gillian Ellsay.

Category C

1 James Grant, 2 Damian Parlee, 3 Mark Grant, 4 Eli Simcoe, 5 Kia Van der Vliet, 6 Ernie Klassen, 7 Brodie Hay, 8 Jessica Reynolds, 9 Simon Harrington, 10 Roger Thomas, 11 Jane Harmsworth, 12 Isaac Van der Vliet, 13 Benjamin Harmsworth.