Photo by Martin Magnemyr on Unsplash

Photo by Martin Magnemyr on Unsplash

Comox Valley ladies golf

Results for May 25, Glacier Greens ladies’ golf:

1st Low Gross-Amber Dufour- 88

1st Low Net-Monica Yoo-69

2nd Low Net -Ellie Nicholas-70

2nd Low Gross-Ann Johnston-90

3rd Low Net-Gi Yop-73

4th Low Net –Lynne Pringle-74

Lowest Putts- Monica Yoo 29

KP#4 Kelly Quine

KP#12 Michelle Bertrand

Longest Putt- Christine Healey

Chip Ins- Yoo, Nicholas, Yop and Gayle Armstrong

Extra Prize Golf Towel Draw: Beth Broomfield

June 1 Glacier Greens Pin Round #2:

Pin Round Winner- Rosslyn O’Rourke 68

2nd Low Net -Bernice Henderson 69

3rd Low Net -Ellie Nicholas 71

4th Low Net -Monica Yoo 74 c/b

5th Low Net -Beth Broomfield 74c/b

6th Low Net -Gi Yop 74

Lowest Putts- O’Rourke 27

KP#4 (0-22 h/c) Amber Dufour

KP#7 (2 shots)(22 h/c & above) Marie Israel

KP #15 (all h/c) Liz Van B

Chip Ins: Christine Healey, O’Rourke and Yop

Extra Prize – Lucky Towel Draw Winner – Nicholas

Comox Ladies May 25:

Low Gross. Jenny Steel. 88

Low Net. Pat Everett 71

Low Putts tied with 30 each: Steel and Janice Nicklin

Longest Putt on 3/12. Patti Harris

Longest Putt on 8/17 Maxine Montgomery

Comox Ladies June 1:

Low Gross. Kathy Branch 87

Low Net. Jean Kirby. 72

Low Putts: Sue Leakey and Linda Vanderhalven 30

Longest putt on 3/12 Jenny Steel

Longest putt on 8/17 Phyllis Taylor

Comox Ladies June 3:

A fun game was had by the 43 ladies who signed up for nine holes.

1st low gross. Sandy Tufnail 39

1st low net. Phyllis Taylor. 32

Fewest putts tied Tufnail and Betsy Terpsma with a score of 14