CVAC Sharks circle at home swim meet

THE CVAC SHARKS enjoyed hosting a meet in their home pool on the weekend.

THE CVAC SHARKS enjoyed hosting a meet in their home pool on the weekend.



The Comox Valley Aquatic Club Sharks hosted a swim meet on the weekend. “This meet was a real pleasure since it was at home and the whole team including parents, swimmers, and masters were helping out,” a Sharks’ spokesperson said.

The results for the local meet last weekend (and every other competition) can be found on the Sharks’ website at

The spokesperson said the meet ran flawlessly thanks to the efforts of the volunteers:

Heather Ney – meet manager extraordinaire.

• Dwayne Guay – officials course organizer.

• Norma Pelletier, Kathleen Kuhnert and Hina Raume – computer system.

• All the timers, starter, stroke and turn judges and marshals.

“Thanks especially to community members who gave freely of their time to volunteer,” the spokesperson said. “Our coaches can be proud of the job they did in preparing the swimmers for the meet.” Head coach Albert Burgund boasted of the successes of his dedicated swimmers:

Marin Mantha-Elmquist in his first three races – awesome!

Carter Mulligan – four first place ribbons – way to go!

Rafe Perry – in his first four races – watch out big sister – I’m coming!

Janaya Ryan: four races and a relay lead off – look at that technique!

Josh Taylor – in his first four races – never giving up and finishing strong!

Emma Wolfe – six races including a relay – look mom – all my ribbons!

Benjamin Arksey – three firsts, a second, and a third. Congratulations!

Ethan Ashley – 100% best times! Welcome to the big leagues.

Juliana Bartemucci – First AAA time! Wow! I made it!

Sierra Bosveld – Hey – I’m pretty good at this racing thing – look at my ribbons!

Griffin Botsford – what’s up with this 400? Good job – first time for that race!

Kyle Brush – Best time in the 200IM. Putting in a solid effort. Good job.

Anton Cecic – drat that evil back to breast turn. Nice work Anton – keep it up!

Sofia Cecic – four new races and a drop of 8.29 seconds off of my 50 free. Wow!

Natasha D’Aoust – excellent racing!  Look out squad 3 – here I come!

Joshua Dolman – two firsts and three seconds – Killer smile and a good racer too! Way to go!

Amelia Ehler – look coach: I knocked off 23.79 seconds off my 400 free. Outstanding!

Jack Gilfillian – four out of five best times – good racing – what an effort!

Nyomi Guay – NO DQ’s – I’m so happy! 100% best times – I’m so happy!

Drew Kuhnert – you didn’t expect me to go fast? Did you? Best time in the 400 free!

Brooke Lamoureux – burns it up and takes 15.79 seconds off of her 400 free! I love it!

Cheyenne Lindsay – 100% best times – and that while in heavy training! SUPER!

Kaitlin Lindsay – Inches closer to that elusive AAA time by a 16.06 second drop in the 400. Don’t give up Kaitlin – your hard work is paying off – really!

Mikhaila Lindsay – I did it! AAA time in the 400 free. Congratulations!

Emma Neufeld – Racing after snowboarding – Ouch!  Grin!

Josiah Ney – putting everything he learned at camp to good use. Very good racing! – Keep up the good work and thank you for coming from Gold River to be with us!

Dylan O’Hara – honestly coach – this hurts! Great effort – keep working you’re doing an awesome job – we are in a hard training phase.

Elizabeth Pater – good splitting and solid performances all around. I see a bright future!

Juliana Pater – working on all my skills and it’s paying off – establishing times in four out of five races – a solid place to start from! Good job.

Katelin Pater – doing her best – just like always! Keep up the good work.

Devin Pelletier  – watch out Drew – I’m catching up in the breaststroke! Great effort under trying conditions – thanks for keeping a smile on your face and being so jovial.

Meghan Perry – 100% best times! A mammoth drop of 21.92 seconds off of the 200 IM – I like this aggressive version.

Brianna Pierce – Thanks for being so positive. Five firsts! Way to go girl!  – We’ll work on getting some more girls in your age group! LOL

Chloe Pierce – first races and four firsts! What a start!

Dustin Raume – a second, a third, a fourth, two fifths – totally SOLID!

Megan Rousseau – great courage in the 200 IM – finishing when your goggles came off – not missing a beat. You are developing into a better racer with each meet.

Jordyn Ryan – will this girl ever stop? Drop of 12.46 seconds in the 400 free! It just keeps getting better every time.

Taya Seeley – Great racing! A budding young talent with a bright future ahead of her!

David Vazquez – the Mexican connection! Working hard: one second, two thirds and two fourths – against some strong competition. Buenos!

Caleb Webb – four of five best times – looking very impressive! We’ll get that breaststroke down pat – soon! Keep up the good work.

Gabrielle Wolfe – chipping away at her best times – bit by bit. We’ll break that 3:00 barrier in the 200 IM next time – just watch!