Saratoga Speedway overhead view. Photo by Claye Chamberlin

Saratoga Speedway overhead view. Photo by Claye Chamberlin

Fans ‘shell-shocked in their seats’ at Saratoga speedway

Brandon Hopp was the fastest of the 20 Hornet B drivers

By Doug Wallker

Special to the Record

Saratoga Motorsports Park hosted the Gary Marcus Trucking/ Ace Brewing Twin 50s with a squadron of sixteen V8-powered Bombers cruising in and landing from all over the Island.

Fans were also shell-shocked in their seats by the Kyte Delivery Hornet division and Outlaw4 cars. Heavy-duty pace truck duties were handled by the beautiful and new Gary Marcus Trucking gravel hauler.

The race event got underway with Glacier Valley Homes qualifying. Brandon Hopp was the fastest of the 20 Hornet B drivers that showed up with a 19.157-second lap of the oval. Ryder Lippy was close behind in 2nd which would be notable later in the race program. Nigel Neufeld captured the Glacier Valley Pole award in the slightly faster Hornet A division driving an 18.179-second lap. The Outlaw4 driver Alex Mouner was fastest in his division with a 17.122-second lap.

The Outlaw4 and Hornet A division were grouped together to create a multi-car field main event and saved precious daylight for the Bombers feature race. Jason Day grabbed first in the Outlaw4 division 20-lap main while Boston Larson captured first of the Hornet A cars in the combined class race. Ryder Lippy was again the fastest of the Hornet B division capturing another checkered flag.

The feature race of the evening was the Garcy Marcus Trucking Twin 50s involving the Acer Brewery Bomber division racers. The race consisted of two 50 lap races with a 10 minute red flag period after segment 1. During the 10 minutes, one pit team member from each car could service the car with fuel, clean windshield and provide the driver with a drink of water. Some like driver Chad Taks had to solve a binding and red hot glowing right rear brake assembly under the watchful eye of the Oyster River Fire department team.

The second 50-lap segment started with the field of cars completely inverted by a random draw of a 12-car inversion except for those a lap down or more. With about 10 laps to go, Charlie Ackerman was leading, driving through lap traffic, when enemy chaos loomed on the back straight and he was punted out of the lead position. Ackerman returned to the field of cars flying in a fury of dust in turn four and went on to finish second behind oval track twin 50 battle winner Cam Stanfield and Chad Taks flew by the checkers in third in his battle brake damaged Bomber.

Join us Aug. 28 at the track for more oval track racing with round two of the Crash to Pass boat race, the Kyte Delivery Hornets and more of the Ace Brewery Bombers. Check for details, ticket sales and information. We welcome you back to the track. Thank you for your support.

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