Good scores at Glacier Greens Saturday Men’s Club

Glacier Greens Saturday Men’s Club had 46 players out on Feb. 7. The weather at start was a few showers which stopped after a short time. Some who went home wished they had stayed.

The course was wet but the drainage system has worked well. There were some good scores for this time of the year.

Hcp. 0-12: Low gross Rob Borland 70, Ken Osborne 73. Low net Dave Osborne 68, Willie Oliver 69 c /b. Snips: #2 Dave Osborne, #3, #10 (eagle) and #18 Rob Borland, #11 Jason Gordon, #13 Willie Oliver, #15 Chris Kalnay, #17 Ken Osborne.

Hcp. 13-18: Low gross Bill Todd 79 c/b, Lyle Torrie 82. Low net Peter Hills 64, 2nd Glen Meeres 69 c/b. Snips: #2 and #10 Lyle Torrie, #15 Wayne Wood, #16 Peter Hills.

Hcp. 19+: Low gross Henry Bonde 89, Bill Krier 91 c/b. Low net Wayne Mabee 69, Reg Meeres 71. Snips: #4 (POG) Len Doyle, #15 Dave Buckley-Jones.

There was no Ben Gill challenge on #15. Let’s hope for a little less rain.

– Glacier Greens Golf