Keeping PACE with a triathlon

Erin Haluschak

A multi-sport competition – swim, bike and run – might seem like a daunting task, but the women behind PACE Multisport hope to make tackling or perfecting a triathlon an achievable goal.

Lynda Magor and Leanne Gray offer individuals the opportunity to join a clinic for those looking to make the jump from a single sport into triathlon, or one-on-one training for those who want to improve on the sport.

They offer clinics in individual sports such as running as well, added Magor.

“Clinics are a great way to get an introduction into multi-sports; it’s the perfect way to jump in,” said Magor.

A former gymnast and international rower, Magor explained a clinic gives people the confidence to try a triathlon – particularly the Shoreline Orthodontics Tri-K Triathlon in May.

“You will get the feel of the race and be a lot more confident (with a clinic) then just throwing your hand in.”

In addition to covering the basics of the sport such as workouts and various swimming strokes, Magor said they also cover some of the logistics of the sport, such as tips and tricks for working through the transition areas.

“It’s amazing how easy (professional athletes) make it look like on TV. There’s a lot of people that don’t think about those things until race day. If you’re swimming horizontally and then you have to stand up, that (creates) a lot of dizziness. You get out of the pool, jog to the transition area, and you’re already a bit winded.”

Magor said she encourages single-sport athletes to consider swimming and/or biking to help with cross-training, particularly for athletes who have been doing the same sport for years.

“It’s a really good idea to (cross-train); it starts to wear on the body if say, you’re only running. With biking – (and) especially swimming – there’s less demand on certain parts of your body and you gain upper body strength while keeping your aerobic strength.”

PACE is offering its triathlon clinic beginning April 11 for those interested in entering the Tri-K in May. It also offers a single day kids’ clinic and a 10 km run clinic. For more information, visit