Lawnbowling team on a winning streak

Winners of Chad’s Bar and Grill Mixed Fours

Winners of Chad’s Bar and Grill Mixed Fours


Courtenay Lawn Bowling hosted the Mixed Fours sponsored by Chad’s Bar and Grill Aug. 16-17.

Local players were good hosts only to a point as the Vern Greenhill team with April Gilchrist, Jackie West and Melie Ursulom battled it out with Qualicum’s John Wilson, Jane Neilson, Doug Ives and Liz Pendleton for the honours.

As Hawaaian was the costume theme this year to brighten up the usual white, Cath and Don Wiseman, Jackie West and Melie Ursulom were the prize winners with the other costumed members of both teams receiving mementoes as well. (2015 will have a Mexican theme.)

Greenhill says 2014 has been his best year ever, having won seven of the 14 tournaments he has entered.

But he is not done yet; there are still a few to go.

Greenhill’s teams have won the Powell River Triples, the Port Alberni Triples and the Parksville Men’s Triples and now the Courtenay Fours, all in the past three weeks. Henri Saucier, Ernie Kassian and Melie Ursulom were second in Powell River.

On the local scene,  Monday intercub has one more session to go and the Courtenay men are leading the way, while the ladies teams are in third place.

Tuesday Mixed Pairs have Archie and Linda Harris in the lead having won all six games played.

Peter Harding and Carol Nelson have won four and tied one, while the Kassians (Ernie and Carolyn) and Vern and April have each won four games so far.

There are some games to be “caught up” by other teams,  so there is still a possibility of a change in the standings.

Wednesday Mixed League has Dean Penny leading the way with five wins and Archie Harris threatening with four.

Bill Whitehouse is not to be counted out as he has three wins.

Thursday 242 has Ernie Kassion holding on to a half point lead over Vern Greenhill.