Teal Harle training with B.C. teams

Podium of Life student training at Whistler with provincial mogul and freestyle teams

TEAL HARLE HAS been training with the provincial mogul and freestyle teams.

TEAL HARLE HAS been training with the provincial mogul and freestyle teams.

Spring has sprung for most, but some are still hitting the ski slopes. Teal Harle has been invited to train with the BC Mogul and BC Slopestyle teams.

It seems that going to school on the mountain at Podium of Life Ski Academy  has paid off. Although skiing is over on Mount Washington, Teal has been training at Whistler. He has been continuing his schooling through Podium of Life and School District #72 eBlend program.

Since mid April, Teal has been training five to six days a week at Whistler with the provincial slopestyle and mogul teams.

Much of his slopestyle training has been on an airbag where he has been experimenting with new tricks. Teal has been working on tricks that involve two full flips and two or more rotations. With the assistance of a soft landing on an airbag, he has been able to experiment with new manoeuvres. The park at Whistler also offers a variety of new rails and jumps for honing his skills.

Along with a few excellent skiers from B.C., he has been lucky enough to train moguls beside the Russian and Australian national mogul teams.

Teal’s on-snow training will continue throughout the summer on the glacier at Whistler. His jumping practice will conclude in September when Podium of Life holds a water ramp camp.

“I feel fortunate to be able to have this opportunity to pursue my passion of skiing,” comments Teal. “Maybe one day I will be able to compete at the X Games or the Olympics.”


– Podium of Life Ski Academy