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Locals building strong record of wins in amateur MMA action

SCOTT JUDSON (RIGHT) defeated Mike Downey to claim the HFL Canadian cruiserweight championship.

SCOTT JUDSON (RIGHT) defeated Mike Downey to claim the HFL Canadian cruiserweight championship.

“Excited” is an understatement for owners Scott and Jennifer Judson of Knockout Martial arts and Fitness as their gym now holds a 6-0 record in amateur kickboxing.  During the March 3 fight card “King of the Rock 3, Redemption” in Campbell River, Team Knockout took home two more wins. In a thrilling women’s match, local inspirational mom of three, Shelley Strachan, took control of the fight from the opening bell displaying fantastic kickboxing skills. “Her opponent, Meagan Williams from Peterec’s Gym in Victoria, was a very game opponent but in the end it was Shelley’s superb slipping and overhand rights that won the fight,” a Team Knockout spokesperson said.

“Shelley time and again slipped the jab and ripped overhands and finished with great kicks to the leg and body. Strachan won a unanimous decision. Shelley continues to show the skills and heart of a champion. We believe in her 100 per cent and are so lucky to have Shelley as an instructor and fighter with Team Knockout.”

In an HFL title match, Scott Judson of Knockout Martial Arts met Canadian and B.C. title holder Mike Downey of Victoria.

As Downey had just come off a lengthy trip in Thailand training for the event, the odds were in favour of Downey; however, Judson didn’t let any of this intimidate him as he trained hard daily to prepare for the title match.

“This is what I have always wanted since starting this sport is to fight for a chance at a title,” Judson said. The fight was a great display from both fighters of muay thai/ kickboxing.

Round one was very close as Downey landed some body shots, but Judson caught a front kick and landed a big sweep which sent Downey to the canvas. Round two started similarly but part way through Downey landed a head kick which stunned Judson, but he quickly recovered. Downey continued to push the round and landed two sweeps. The round came to an end with Judson throwing a nice combination.

After some very focused and specific words from Wayne Baxter in Judson’s corner between rounds, the third round started and it was an exciting one. After taking a knee to the ribs Judson landed a left hook which started a whole chain of combinations, from rights and lefts to head kicks to uppercuts.

The result was Downey going down to the mat. He managed to get up after an eight-count and when they reset Judson came out with another big overhand right-left hook uppercut left hook combination to send Downey to the mat again and end the fight.

Judson won the Canadian cruiserweight title by third round TKO. “Thank you so much to Wayne Baxter, David Hoffart, and everyone at Team Knockout. The support was overwhelming and this belt was truly won by everyone at Team Knockout,” said Judson.

Anyone interested in starting up a martial art is encouraged to check out Knockout Martial arts and Fitness in Courtenay.  For more information on classes available for all ages five and up call 250-871-8997 or e-mail

– Team Knockout