VIDEO: Seal gives birth on dock at Comox Marina

Comox resident witnesses, records the moment a seal gives birth in the wild

Marc Lepine came across a sight he never expected while out for an after-dinner walk at the Comox Marina Sunday, Aug. 1.

“I was walking by… and there were a few people – maybe six or seven – watching this and I said, ‘my god, she’s going to have a baby,’ so I just took out my phone and recorded it,” Lepine says.

As soon as the pup was born, the mother’s maternal instincts kicked in.

“It seemed that as soon as the baby was born, the mother was trying to prevent us from seeing it,” Lepine says. “As you see in the video, she’s looking at us, then she looked at her baby, then she went between the baby and us.”

Lepine returned to the site Monday evening and was happy to see all appeared well with the family.

“I went back yesterday, and they were swimming there. She was teaching her baby how to swim and how to get up on the board. It was very amazing to see one day after being born.”

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