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Man wins $1M using spare change to buy lottery ticket at Vancouver airport

Winning ticket a ‘big relief’ for Jianping Fu who plans to pay off mortgage, travel
Ontario’s Jianping Fu won $1 million from the June 7, 2023 draw, after deciding to buy a ticket at Vancouver International Airport with some extra toonies in his pocket. (File Photo)

Turns out it pays to have extra pocket change, or at least it did for one Ontario man who bought a lottery ticket with the extra toonies in his pocket.

Jianping Fu made a spontaneous decision to purchase his ticket at the Vancouver International Airport, and little did he know, his West Coast trip would be punctuated with a $1 million dollar cash prize.

In an interview with the British Columbia Lottery Coporation, Fu said he was merely emptying his wallet when he arrived home in Vaughn, Ont., and found the tickets. After searching the winning numbers online he discovered his success. Fu said he was most excited to tell his wife, and that she could not believe it was true.

Fu called his win a “big relief,” and said he’s looking forward to paying off his mortgage and getting to travel more.

In 2023 so far, British Columbia lottery players have won nearly $60 million from B.C. lottery tickets.

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