Building Links founder Clarice Coty. Photo supplied.

Building Links founder Clarice Coty. Photo supplied.

Building Links newsletter celebrates 25 years

North Vancouver Island’s construction-related newsletter Building Links is celebrating its first quarter century this week.

The newsletter published its first issue on May 17, 1993. Since then, it has published a newsletter 50 times a year for 25 years reporting on new construction, tenders, building permits and industry news. On May 16, 2018, Building Links published its 1,250th issue.

Thanks to the team of editors, researchers, technical and office staff, Building Links has become the go-to resource for anyone interested in construction, development, commercial and residential projects on North Vancouver Island.

“We couldn’t do what we do without the planning staff in the municipal offices and the developers, builders, construction managers, engineers, architects, consultants, realtors and others, who take the time each week to give us the information for the projects that we report on,” said Building Links founder Clarice Coty.

“I thank them and the Building Links team, which consists of Pam, Mare, Kenzie, Gillian, Karen and Ted who work together each week to bring you up-to-date news in the construction industry.”

Building Links is a weekly subscription newsletter, which 25 years ago was printed and delivered by hand. Now, subscribers receive a weekly email and can follow the latest news on the Building Links blog and on Social Media.

“I am humbled by the longevity and success of Building Links, made possible because of our dedicated team and our valued clients,” said Coty. “Thank you to our team for your loyalty and commitment and thank you to all of our valued subscribers for being such a big part of our success.”

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