Comox hair salon celebrates five years

Elton and Heather Joseph have operated a successful hair salon in comox for nearly five years.

ELTON AND HEATHER Joseph are both hairstylists and owners of Indigo Lounge. They will soon celebrate the fifth anniversary of their salon in downtown Comox.

ELTON AND HEATHER Joseph are both hairstylists and owners of Indigo Lounge. They will soon celebrate the fifth anniversary of their salon in downtown Comox.

Twenty years ago, if you had told Elton and Heather Joseph that one day they would own and operate a successful hair salon in smalltown British Columbia, they very likely would have laughed out loud.

The Fiji-born father of four had initially set out to become a teacher but, instead, discovered he had a natural talent for hair styling. He ended up studying cosmetology at Malaspina College (now Vancouver Island University) in Nanaimo, where he met Heather.

She became his wife and business partner, and is a nationally published hair stylist.

The couple moved to the Comox Valley from Nanaimo more than a dozen years ago. They worked in several different hair establishments until realizing a dream of opening their own salon, called Indigo Lounge, on Comox Avenue in 2007.

The name Indigo was selected not only because of the Joseph’s love of the midnight blue colour, but also because of the creative and spiritual connotations of the word as it relates to inspiration, communication, self-mastery and personal insight; all of which are essential in building long-lasting client relationships.

They chose the word ‘lounge’—rather than ‘salon’—as an invitation to come to relax and unwind while being pampered.

“Our vision for Indigo Lounge was to create a hair salon that was truly different,” explains Elton Joseph. “We pictured a modern ambience but still wanted it to feel like part of the community of Comox by the Sea. And we wanted to be sure that it would be comfortable and welcoming for all people, regardless of age or economic status.”

Today’s well-established hair salon has over 2,000 guests. The fact that Indigo Lounge is now celebrating its fifth anniversary is proof that they have achieved their goals.

Indigo Lounge is tucked on the side entrance of the ‘building with the boats’ at Suite 103B, 1705 Comox Ave.

The décor is warm and welcoming … and so is Cassius … the Joseph’s four-year-old boxer/rottweiler cross dog who acts as the salon’s official greeter!

The six stylists (including Heather and Elton) who work ‘the Lounge’ and escort guests to a spa-inspired private hair washing station, where the aroma of essential oils and the sound of nature-inspired melodies help people relax while they enjoy organic-based hair treatments.

Those customers who want to colour their hair are invited to the colour bar, to watch as their stylist mixes the product much like a bartender mixes drinks. It is an interactive and upscale, yet surprisingly homey atmosphere, offering everything from ‘wash and wear’ hair cuts to ‘red carpet treatments,’ as well as an extensive line of vegan, cruelty-free hair care products from Unite and Onesta.

“We are thrilled with the support we have received from the people of the Comox Valley and we are excited to celebrate our fifth anniversary with an open house from 3 to 5 p.m. on Friday, August 3,” says Elton.

“Heather and I, along with our staff, Daniell Corcoran, Sonya Slovack, Laura Morgan and Daina Arcond, welcome our current and prospective clients, their friends and families to join us for an afternoon of entertainment, appetizers, door prizes and more. Everyone is welcome.”

For more information, call Indigo Lounge at 250-339-0500, visit Indigo Lounge at 103B – 1705 Comox Ave. in Comox or follow them on Facebook.

— Indigo Lounge