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Increase profits, improve relationships

Marquee Marketing president credits guerrilla marketing for enabling businesses to reach target markets
Marquee Marketing president Carol Wain is pictured with Jay Conrad Levinson.

Small business owners, the lifeline of the economy, often experience business challenges caused by marketing challenges. Entrepreneurs often don’t have the time, budget, desire or skills to invest in their employees, improve their customer experience or market their business, says Carol Wain.

The president of Marquee Marketing attained guerrilla marketing practitioner certification from Jay Conrad Levinson, aka the 'Father of Guerrilla Marketing.'

Wain credits guerrilla marketing for enabling businesses to reach target markets despite the lack of a big-brand sized marketing budget.

“The good news is that engaging your customers and prospects doesn’t have to be expensive," she said. "Being creative, being relevant, providing outstanding customer experiences and openly communicating is what matter…these are all part of the guerrilla marketer’s weapons.”

Wain employs guerrilla marketing strategies to help small- and medium-sized businesses achieve success beyond their expectations. Her innate marketing skills and  years of business improvement experience enable her to mentor clients toward improving their bottom line and growing their business year on year.

Through Wain’s guidance, clients continue to increase profits, better understand customers, and develop loyal and supportive employees.

“The connections between employee engagement and customer engagement; between employee engagement and profit; and between customer engagement and profit are very real and measurable,” Wain said.

By focusing on experiences and understanding expectations, Marquee Marketing clients build a 'tribe' of engaged customers and profitable brand ambassadors.

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