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Physio2U brings rehabilitation home to the Comox Valley

Business aims to bridge the gap with home-based physiotherapy
Physiotherapist and founder of Physio2U Kim Hall was recognized by the Doctors of BC with the 2023 award for Excellence in Health Promotion. Photo supplied

The first time Kim Hall knew she wanted to know more about the human body was at 14 years old after she was injured on a run.

The physiotherapist and founder of Physio2U said time at the gym, rehabbing her injury and learning about anatomy and physiology as a teen “made high school very straightforward” as she grew her passion for rehabilitation.

Years later in 2001, Hall met Courtenay’s The Joint Physiotherapy owner Eddie Betinol while travelling in Thailand and the two became fast friends, with Hall visiting the Comox Valley regularly as she turned to Betinol as her mentor as she pursued her education in physiotherapy.

Following years of working in the Lower Mainland in hospital assisting patients with orthopedic trauma, fractures, strokes and cardiac care, Hall saw a gap in services, particularly for individuals with mobility issues.

“There are lots of (physiotherapy) clinics, but many are not designed for mobility issues, and it’s difficult to recover in a hospital or clinic setting - it’s sometimes a stressful, exhausting experience.”

In 2012, Hall created Physio2U which provides at-home, accessible physiotherapy and kinesiology services on a private basis to those who need it.

“Being at home means we can do things like functional assessment of (patient’s) actual bathrooms or stairs,” she explained. “With my background, I really came to understand the continuum of care. I understand how things are in hospital and how special it is to get home - getting home is such a relief.”

The company began in the Lower Mainland serving areas from Port Coquitlam to Delta. The company grew and last summer Hall decided to expand to Vancouver Island - particularly the Comox Valley.

She knows of similar companies doing home visits in other areas of the province but isn’t aware of any within the Valley. While she aims to assist seniors and those with mobility challenges, she also works with clients who have had workplace or car accidents along with those with various neurological conditions, such as ALS and multiple sclerosis.

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