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Raising funds for the community forest

Tina Leiser

Special to the Record

Girl power is alive and kicking here in the Comox Valley.

The owners at Hairpins Boutique, Megan Griffiths and Staysea Brown, have united with three other local businesswomen to host an amazing raffle for the month of July.

The prize is an extraordinary gift basket valued at $500 with very generous donations by Sarah Walsh from Prontissima Pasta, Erin Dean of the trendy be Boutique and Aspen Aurora, the creative genius behind Wild Valley Flowers.

These tenacious ladies are kicking off summer with the hopes of giving back to the community they adore. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards helping the Cumberland Community Forest Society purchase 50 more hectares of trails and lush flora that is set to be logged in early 2016. By incorporating these parcels of land into the existing community forest, we will be preserving the memories we already have and protecting the ones we are bound to create. If you are interested in supporting these local businesswomen and their crusade to save the trees, please stop by Hairpins Boutique at 224 6th Street to chat about this incredible raffle and see the great prize.