Traveling Barber provides haircut housecalls for Valley seniors

The elderly population is growing in the Comox Valley, and there is a rise in the need for services targeted to seniors.

The elderly population is growing dramatically in the Comox Valley, and there is a rise in the need for services targeted to seniors.

Primarily staying at home, many seniors cannot access basic needs without the help of home-delivery services. Post-surgeries, health issues, lack of support, transportation or lack of independence is keeping more seniors at home.

In recognition of this need, a local woman has turned her passion of cutting hair into a timely service for seniors.

Carrie Turtle, also known as The Traveling Barber, is a single mother who started a business of her own providing ‘haircut housecalls.’

Watching her own parents age to a time they required support, the Valley-raised Turtle cut hair on the weekends for them and their friends. She soon realized a need for this service and started The Traveling Barber. The company, now a year old, provides men’s and women’s haircuts, all delivered at the client’s home.

Receiving her cosmetology certificate more than 20 years ago, Turtle worked in various types of salons.

“I just loved cutting men’s hair,” she said. “It is enjoyable and creates interesting conversations with the men, hearing about their life experiences.”

Last summer, Turtle became involved in the Ride for Dad fundraiser for awareness and a cure for prostate cancer. She set up a haircut chair to raise money for her favourite charity.

“It was great fun, seeing all the bikes and meeting interesting people,” she said.

Turtle has a special place in her heart for the cause, having lost her father several years ago to cancer. He was an avid biker.

She also volunteers for the local Cancer Society where she washes, sets and styles wigs for women who have lost their hair.

This year, Turtle has started to donate a portion of her earnings to the local SPCA.

“My clients, seniors, love their pets,” she said.

The Traveling Barber offers a Your Friend is my Friend $2 discount for any new client’s first haircut, referred by Turtle’s clients.

The mobile service is a boon to anyone who needs a haircut in their home. Convenience and affordability is Turtle’s motto.

“If I did not need the money I would do this for free,” she jokes. “It is truly something I love to do.”

The Traveling Barber can be reached at 250-218-4856.