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‘Action4Canada does not speak for all Christians’: Cumberland Rev. Brown

Cumberland church supports the K’ómoks First Nation’s stance against Action4Canada

A Cumberland church has issued a statement in support of the K’ómoks First Nation’s stance on Action4Canada, and its founder, Tanya Gaw.

Two Comox Valley churches - Bay Community Church in Comox, and Black Creek’s Living Waters Fellowship - invited Gaw to speak in separate engagements last week.

K’ómoks First Nation issued a statement condemning Gaw and noting that she is not welcome in the K’ómoks Territory.

In response to KFN’s release, Bay Community Church responded via social media by saying, “A statement made in haste and in ignorance of the true spiritual dynamics is not a statement one needs validate (sic).”


Rev. Ingrid Brown, of Cumberland’s Weird Church Leadership Team, released the following statement:

“Weird Church stands firmly against any form of racism, hate, homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy, and discrimination within our community. It has come to our attention that there are two local events featuring Ms. Tanya Gaw and the organization Action4Canada.

We unequivocally support K’ómoks First Nation in their release stating, “Action4Canada is not welcome in K’ómoks Territory. Events that promote hate, division, and racism have no place in our community.”

Weird Church also supports Comox Valley Pride Society in their denouncing of this group and the communities hosting Ms. Gaw.

We stand opposed to the hate group Action4Canada and do not support giving platforms or opportunities for public events endorsing or supporting their cause or values. As a community held within the United Church of Canada, Canada’s largest protestant denomination, we want to state clearly that Action4Canada does not speak for all Christians and people of faith. Their distortions of theology and Biblical interpretation are dangerous and we denounce them.

We stand with our allies and neighbours in the fight against hatred, holding together in unity and love.”


Rev. Ingrid Brown

Weird Church Leadership Team, Weird Church Truth and Reconciliation Team


On Friday, Oct. 28, the Comox Valley Regional District also published a statement in support of the KFN stance.

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