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Blue Moon Winery and Locals Restaurant present A Medieval Solstice Feast

Blue Moon Winery and Locals Restaurant present A Medieval Solstice Feast on June 20.
Chef Ronald St. Pierre will doing his thing for A Medieval Solstice Feast June 20 at Nature’s Way Farm.

What do you get when you pair an award-winning winemaker with an award-winning chef on the longest day of the year?

A knight to remember, of course.

Blue Moon Winery and Locals Restaurant present A Medieval Solstice Feast on June 20.

The summer solstice celebrates the turning point in our growing season, following a tradition recognized by many cultures around the world. Present day farmers, like our farmer ancestors, pay close attention to seasonal changes, as they influence planting, growing and harvest times.

The significance of the solstice is not limited to agriculture.

The ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramids so that the sun, when viewed from the Sphinx, set precisely between two of the Pyramids on this particular day. The Inca of South America celebrated with the Inti Raymi ceremony, which included food offerings and sacrifices of animals, and maybe even people.

Possibly the most famous recognition of the summer solstice is Stonehenge in England.

You can celebrate the solstice in style with chef Ronald St. Pierre and winemaker George Ehrler in the intimate gathering room at Nature’s Way Farm, home to Blue Moon Winery. Join them for an enchanting evening of excellent local food, wine, and medieval games and dance lessons with Halima Al-Rakkasa. The dress code is medievally themed with prizes for the best costume and best drinking goblet.

“We like to use the word convivial to describe what we are doing at the farm," George Ehrler said. "It means fond of feasting, drinking and merry company; jovial.”

Chef Ronald appreciates the intimacy of the gathering room.

“I am able to talk with our guests as I prepare their meal," he said. "We will be offering a great feast with Tannadice Farms pork smoked on the barbecue, and we’ll also be cooking on the open fire. Make sure to you bring your appetite. It’s always a pleasure to see how much people enjoy the cuisine, and enjoy each other. These evenings are special and a lot of fun.”

Tickets for the feast and for an optional wine pairing are available at Locals Restaurant at 364 Eighth St. in courtenay (250-338-6493) or through Blue Moon Winery at 250-338-9765. Tickets are limited.

Visit to find out more about what’s in store for the season.