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Buy a sprinkler system, save on cheese

Natural Pastures Cheese offers deal with purchase of WASP sprinkler system
Doug Smith of Natural Pastures Cheese (third from right) celebrates his collaboration with the staff of Comox Fire rescue, and Comox Fire Chief Gord Schreiner (right). Photo submitted

Comox Valley company Natural Pastures Cheese is offering 50 per cent off its new Pacific Wildfire cheese (with a coupon) to anyone who purchases home sprinkler protection kits from Comox Fire Rescue.

Comox Fire Rescue has just received another order of the Wildfire Automated Sprinkler Protection (WASP) gutter-mounted sprinkler systems. They have sold about 150 of these kits already this year.

“This seemed like a perfect connection¯ said Doug Smith of Natural Pastures Cheese Company. “We help firefighters sell these important wildfire protection kits and customers can try our new cheese at a discount. In addition to this, we will be donating a per cent of the Pacific Wildfire Cheese sales to the firefighters’ benevolent fund. A win/win for everyone!”

During a wildfire embers can be carried a long distance. Hot embers can easily ignite a dry roof or surrounding area. The WASP gutter mounted sprinkler system helps protect your home from these hot embers. The wildfire protection kits provide a simple and quick way to get water on your roof and surrounding area.

The kits are quick and easy to install and come with everything needed to help protect a standard size home. No ladders or tools are required.

“Our last three orders sold out within days so we expect these will go fast also as the weather is certainly heating up now,” said Comox Fire Chief Gord Schreiner. “Our fire department uses these same sprinklers in our structural protection trailer and throughout our province. They are designed to be quickly deployed in an area threaten by wildfire. We are pleased to be able to offer these to citizens so they can be better prepared in case of a wildfire in our area.”

The kits sell for $154.99 each and come with two adjustable, agricultural grade sprinkler heads designed to conserve water and work on very low pressure if required, two mounting brackets and two forestry grade flat garden type hoses.

For more information contact Schreiner at