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Comox Valley Conservation Partnership’s ‘Nature Without Borders’ plan gets a financial boost

The Comox Valley Conservation Partnership is updating “Nature without Borders” to support ongoing conservation work in the Valley.
CV Land Trust executive director Tim Ennis, CV Conservation Partnership co-ordinator Françoise Gervais, and First Credit Union representatives Chris Higgins and Alana McIntyre celebrate the sponsorship of Nature Without Borders. Photo credit: McKinnon Photography

The Comox Valley Conservation Partnership is updating “Nature without Borders” to support ongoing conservation work in the Valley.

Nature Without Borders is a regional biodiversity conservation plan that has been helping guide development and conservation in the Valley since 2008.

“Nature Without Borders has been really well received by local governments,” said executive director of Comox Valley Land Trust, Tim Ennis.

Recently the City of Courtenay, the Village of Cumberland and the Comox Valley Regional District have been looking to update their Official Community Plans and Regional Growth Strategy.

“In every case, the local government staff that are involved with those projects have reached out to us to ask if we had an updated Nature Without Borders that could support them in their work,” said Ennis.

First Credit Union is a sponsor of the update. Caitlin Bryant, social impact manager for First Credit Union, agrees that Nature Without Borders is important to support a thriving and vibrant community.

“As a B-Corp certified, co-operative financial institution that focuses on people, planet and the prosperity of our communities, we know first-hand how important it is to have science-based conservation initiatives like this one.”

The updated plan will include new mapping and an analysis of the ways our forests and watersheds can sequester carbon and help us adapt to the effects of climate change.

Nature Without Borders is the basis of the Comox Valley Conservation Partnership, an umbrella organization of 26 local environmental non-profit organizations, stewardship groups and local residents’ associations that work collaboratively to address shared environmental concerns.

The administration of the Conservation Partnership is supported by the Comox Valley Land Trust.

“We’re so pleased to provide science-based conservation support to our local communities,” said Tim Ennis. “We hope we continue to help the Comox Valley develop in a sustainable, livable fashion into the future.”