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Comox Valley students solve big problems with Minecraft event

They were challenged to look at issue, choose problem and craft solution for the challenge

Comox Valley Schools is pleased to announce the winners of the Comox Valley Schools Minecraft Build Challenge.

Students were challenged to look at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, choose a problem that inspires them, and craft a solution that may have an impact on our community or the world.

Every student demonstrated creativity, collaboration and problem-solving throughout this challenge. There were over 288 competitors from 11 schools in School District 71.

“We are very proud of all participating students and teachers and have been very impressed with what you’ve built,” a school district release says.

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular video games, where players build and interact in virtual worlds. Students often use Minecraft as they would a never-ending box of Lego where they can build their dream designs.

Students in this challenge worked on solving problems by creating worlds with recycling factories, underwater kelp research facilities, completely sustainable farms that give back their community and so much more. The challenge aims to trigger creative ideas on how to change our habits and participate in designing more sustainable, fairer and healthier societies.

There were three categories for the competition and the following winners received prizes from Comox Valley Schools:

Primary Grades K-3 Winners

1st Drostan DeVere-Marwood – NIDES

2nd Oscar Silverstein, Wilder Petch, Everett Dickens and Glen Nasadyk – Cumberland Community School

3rd Briar Carroll, Zoey Thomson, River Hutchison Crooks, and Nadia Staathof – Cumberland Community School

Intermediate Grades 4-7 Winners

1st Alaina Aubin – NIDES

2nd – Seamus Kelly, Burwyn Turner and Leo Johnson – Enter Program NIDES 3rd – Eamonn Datoo and Henry Waite – Enter Program NIDES

Secondary Grades 8-12 Winners

1st Isabelle Aubin – NIDES

2nd – Page Johnson-Milne – NIDES

3rd - Harley Hart, Kaylan Johnston, Dassan Sorenson, Noah LaPointe, Adon Pahanic – Lake Trail