The provincial government has awarded gaming grants to 11 Comox Valley organizations. ADOBE STOCK IMAGE

The provincial government has awarded gaming grants to 11 Comox Valley organizations. ADOBE STOCK IMAGE

Eleven Comox Valley organizations receive community gaming grants

The provincial government has announced community gaming grants to 11 Comox Valley organizations, to assist with environmental and public safety initiatives.

In the Comox Valley, five community organizations are receiving $187,000 in grants for public safety work. This can include volunteer firefighting, marine and land search and rescue operations, crime reduction and restorative justice, and emergency response and communications.

Another six local not-for-profits are receiving $200,000 for environmental initiatives such as ecosystem conservation, animal welfare, and education and outreach programs.

The following organizations received funding through the Public Safety sector:

• Comox Valley Marine Rescue Society – $25,400

• Community Justice Centre of the Comox Valley Society (justice/crime prevention) – $40,000

• Comox Valley Ground Search & Rescue Association – $70,200

• Mt. Washington Ski Patrol Association (fire; emergency response)- $26,250

• The United Riders of Cumberland Association received $25,000 to improve its recreation and trail safety.

The organizations receiving funds for environmental initiatives include:

• Cat Advocates Teaching & Saving Society (animal welfare) – $15,000

• Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society (animal welfare) – $25,000

• Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society (animal welfare) – $65,000

• Comox Valley Land Trust (education, conservation, outreach) – $38,000

• Tsolum River Restoration Society (education, conservation, outreach) – $20,000

• Comox Valley Project Watershed Society – $36,500

“From the east coast of the Island all the way to the west coast, there are incredible sights to see,” said Mid Island-Pacific Rim MLA Osborne. “And it’s important for all of us to enjoy these sights safely. The outdoors can be unpredictable, and that’s why I’m grateful to all of our search and rescue teams who get us the help we need, when and where we need it.”

Courtenay-Comox MLA Ronna-Rae Leonard concurred.

“There is so much breathtaking natural beauty in the Comox Valley for people to enjoy,” said MLA Leonard. “And we all want to do our part to protect it while keeping one another safe. I’m glad our government is able to support community organizations that help us learn about the outdoors, keep its inhabitants safe, and get us all the help we need when an accident happens.”

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