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Happy a study of what makes people happy

Happy to be shown at Comox United Church

Comox United Church and the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship will present the film Happy on Friday, Nov. 21, at 7 p.m.

Academy Award-nominated director Roko Belic has produced an award-winning film that takes us on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what makes people happy.

How do you make a film about happiness? By interviewing real-life happy people who are poor, disfigured, live in terrible conditions or work with dying people in India, and also, by interviewing leading brain scientists and psychologists who have studied happiness for decades.

Many of our ideas about what produces happiness are wrong, and many assumptions underlying our modern society keep us from being happy.

Which country consistently rates the happiest? Would you believe there is a national government which considers how the happiness of its citizens might be affected before making major decisions? Which country has consistently low overall happiness, but also has an area of many healthy long-lived citizens who are very happy? Which traditional values contribute to a sense of happiness? What practices produce measurable feelings of happiness?

Come and see the film Happy to discover the answers to these questions. The presentation will be at Comox United Church, 250 Beach Drive in Comox. There will be a group discussion after the film for those who wish to stay and discuss the film’s themes. Admission is by donation.


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