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Montreal Massacre memorial service in Courtenay

Dec. 6 is National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

In honor of the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, Comox Valley Transition Society is partnering with the Comox Valley Art Gallery to host a vigil on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at noon at the Art Gallery, 580 Duncan Ave,. Courtenay.

Dec. 6 will mark the 32nd anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, where 14 young women were gunned down simply because they were women who were studying to become engineers. Every six days in Canada, a woman is murdered by a current or former partner. Due to racism and the impacts of colonization, Indigenous women have been particularly impacted by violence against women. Indigenous women’s organizations believe that, over the last several decades, over 4000 Indigenous women and girls are missing or have been murdered.

Comox Valley Transition Society provides a range of services, including safe shelter, a crisis line and counselling for women who have experienced abuse in relationships, and their children, as well as a support group for men seeing a non-judgmental space to receive support with the pressure of every day life.

On Dec. 6, all women whose lives have been taken away as a result of male violence against women are remembered and honored. They are sisters, mothers, daughters, aunties, cousins, wives, partners and friends. They have been taken from us too soon. Everyone is welcome to join us on Dec. for a vigil that will include the traditional laying of the roses, songs and speakers. Participants will honor the strength and resilience of women and girls, and commit to continue working towards a world free of gender-based violence.

For more information, please call 250-897-0511.