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Construction professional Steffan Chmuryk running for seat on city council

Poverty, mental health, and addiction key issues
Steffan Chmuryk, who is running for a seat on Courtenay council, lists poverty, mental health, and addiction as key issues.

Hello all,

My name is Steffan Chmuryk and I am excited to run for council for the City of Courtenay. I have broad, hands-on experience in infrastructure and development, and I know personally the challenges associated with poverty, addiction, and housing which I am committed to addressing.

Growing up in Victoria with a single mother, following the death of my father when I was four, subsidized housing was the only form of security that our family possessed. My brother passed from drug addiction when I was 17, and I went on to witness many similar struggles throughout my 20s.

I understand the cycle of poverty, mental health, and addiction, which crosses generations. We need representatives that have lived these experiences to guide policy in the future, so that we can more effectively address these issues. It took me close to 20 years of education, hard work and determination to achieve some measure of security, and I hope to use this experience to guide others.

As a project surveyor, having worked on several large infrastructure jobs, including the Comox Valley Water Treatment Plant, I will use my experience to thoroughly review development proposals and direct our available resources in an efficient manner.

I believe that growth presents opportunities. However, growth done without effective management can become a liability for both our infrastructure and societal well-being. If we want creative strategies, we cannot simply rely on tired methods of thinking that have created many of these problems.

We need effective leaders who can hold decision-makers accountable, we need broad thinking across disciplines, we need a determined long-term perspective. I hope that you will support my efforts.

I can be reached at via email at or on Instagram, @schmuryk